Atletico vs Vallecano Prediction and Betting Tips

As Atletico Madrid and Rayo Vallecano takes on each other in La Liga matchday 2, we bring to you Atletico vs Vallecano Prediction and Betting Tips.

Atletico vs Vallecano Prediction and Betting Tips:

Match Time & Date:

25 August at 11:15

New Customer Offer BetCredits $ 50 $ 200 $ 100 $ 100 $ 50 $ 20
Atletico Madrid 1.16 1.16 1.15 N/A 1.11 1.15 1.17
Draw 6.50 7.00 7.00 N/A 7.50 7.25 7.00
Rayo Vallecano 19.00 23.00 17.00 N/A 15.00 21.75 23.00

Vallecano will take on Atletico Madrid in the 2nd Matchday of La Liga. Atletico and Vallecano have a visible difference in their team. As of now, Atletico is 8th in La Liga ranking with the only match they played being a draw. Their first match was against Valencia. The match went on to be pretty tough and in the end, the match ended up as a 1-1 draw.

Not everyone could speculate Atletico to draw the match. Some other of our fellow workers proposed a 2-1 to be the result. However it ended up as 1-1.

Atletico did a good job to defeat Real Madrid in UEFA Super Cup a few days back. We have seen the club cheifs doing a lot to reinforce the squad. Therefore, the last year’s runner up will be looking forward to win the La Liga this season. Atletico are a force to be reckoned. They will be extremely dangerous this season. Atletico will be proving themselves on Saturday’s local derby.

Vallecono will be eager to prove their worth in La Liga however as we all know, Diego Simeone’s troops are a quite formidable in their home ground. Therefore it might be wise to bet for Atletico. Vallecano may surprise us once again. So without further ado, lets break down this match.

Atletico’s Form:

Atletico were 2nd in the last La Liga. They had to push down Real Madrid to take their position as the 2nd team. Real Madrid was also more stronger back then. It seems as if we won’t see anyone stop Atletico from gaining the 2nd spot. They are among the best contender for the top spot too. They even won the Europa League last year. Winning Europa League wasn’t an easy job. They had to defeat Arsenal in the Semi Final and OM in the finals.

Their team has been further strengthened with signings like Thomas Lemar. Their manager, Diego Simeone, is among my favourite managers. That guy has some tactics up his sleeves and can turn the match around even in the most dire situations. The Squad was no less before this year as well. Players like Antione Griezman, Saul, Diego Simione, Koke and many others have had their contributions to make the squad as formidable as it is now. Their substitutes are exceptional and of great quality. They also have a great goalie in form of Jan O Black.

Might I remind you, this is the same squad which had Real Madrid defeated by 4-2! You simply do not underestimate Atletico Madrid. Furthermore, another rising star is Nikola Kalinic. He is a striker who might be playing his first match for Atletico Madrid. We might see him in form in the upcoming match. He was bought this summer in €15 million.

Either way, we know for sure that Vallecano will not be underestimating Atletico Madrid. What question arises, is that Atletico will be underestimating Rayo. I believe not so. They recently drew a match with Valencia, a team against which they had a chance of winning. Atletico won’t be going around underestimating teams. They are smarter than to do that and we will see Atletico giving their best in the game.

Out of the last 5 matches of Atletico, they won 2, lost 1 and drew 1. Their last 5 matches goes as DWLWD.

Vallecano’s Form:

Rayo qualified for La Liga this season. The club has been playing in the primera division since almost 2011. It has been in the lower Leagues for an even longer period of time. Vallecano has a history of surprising us. The biggest achievement for Rayo was winning a spot in UEFA Super Cup. Not only did they got selected in 2000, they even managed to reach the quarter final before being eliminated by Alaves. Vallecano does not have many famous players in their squad at the moment. However many big names were once part of their squad. Julen Lopetegui, Jordi Figueras, Victor Onokpo and Ismael Urzaiz have all been part of Rayo’s Squad.

Rayo lost its only match this season against Sevilla. They lost by 4-1. The last 5 matches for Rayo goes as LLWLL. They lost 4 out of the last 5 matches and won only 1. They were in a Segunda division last year and just have been promoted to the Primera Division. Vallecano may be tough for the lower level teams but they can not hope to beat the top 3 teams. The aim for Rayo should be a draw.

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Atletico vs Vallecano Prediction will go in favour of Atletico. Atletico is just a great team. They are more confident in themselves. Their squad has a higher quality of both players and Manager. In short they can be devastating for teams like Rayo. They even defeated Real Madrid by 4-2. Atletico Madrid is in form. They might obliterate Rayo. These 2 teams will be meeting after a period of almost 2 years.

Even if we look at the records of the 2 teams, Atletico hasn’t lost in the last 5 matches it played against Rayo. Out of the last 5 matches, Atletico won by 3-1, 2-0, then they had a draw by 1-1. Then they won by 3-0 and 1-0. So out of the last 5 matches, Atletico won 4 and drew 1. We can clearly see who the superior team is. Furthermore, the chances of winning of Atletico Madrid is 82%. The chances of draw are 13% and chances of Vallecano’s win have been reduced to only 5%. The stats are clearly indicating our winner from the start.

Therefore, judging upon all the facts available to us, Atletico vs Vallecano Prediction will be in favour of Atletico Madrid. Furthermore, Atletico vs Vallecano Prediction of score will be 3-1 in favour of Atletico Madrid.

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