Barcelona Vs Huesca Prediction and Betting Tips

As Barcelona take on Huesca, we bring to you Barcelona Vs Huesca Prediction and Betting Tips.

Barcelona Vs Huesca Prediction and Betting Tips:

Both Barca and Huesca have had a brilliant start to the season. Barcelona have won both of their last two games. While Huesca, have won their first game and drawn their second match against Athletic Club. Their draw against Athletic Club will be a classic and was an exceptional match with some amazing performances by the players. Barcelona have won their first two games quite comfortably and they will be looking to extend their lead. They weren’t exactly on form in their last match but still managed a win because well it’s Barca and they are known for that. But Huesca aren’t a side that will give up that easily. They will challenge Barca at the Camp Now where Barca have not lost before for almost two years.

This will be a tense and exciting match, so let’s break it down in this Barcelona Vs Huesca Prediction .

Barcelona’s Form:

F.C Barcelona even without playing particularly well, have managed two wins out of two. Their first match was 3-0 against Alaves where Messi scored a brace and Coutinho also came in with a beauty. But their second match was a 1-0 win against Valladolid where Dembele scored. This match is at Camp Now where Barca have not lost for 2 years. And everyone will be expecting a win here. Barca’s main objective will be the Champions League but they definitely need to win the league too. They of course have players like Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez, Coutinho, Dembele and whatnot. They have a terrific bench. The new signings they’ve made namely Malcom, Arthur, Lenglet and Vidal will be looking to impress everyone against Huesca.

They have so many good players that defenders don’t even know who to cover. I mean the frontile on Messi, Suarez, Delmbele and Coutinho is the frontline of dreams. So their attack is absolutely on point. Their defense though, as we know makes a l lot of mistakes. So they will have to improve their defense a bit. The main problem though is the tactics of Barca manager Ernesto Valverde.

Let’s be honest, he is a bit negative and defense minded. He sometimes doesn’t play like Barca are supposed to play. That is why Barca make mistakes. So Valverde will need to change his tactics for less mistakes. He should also rotate the team a bit. They also need to make less defensive mistakes as Huesca are vicious on counter attacks. This match will indeed be a walk in the park for Barca but that doesn’t mean they won’t be challenged.

Huesca’s Form:

Huesca, a team that just got promoted, have been exceptional in the last  two matches. They have managed 4 points from their last 2 games and that too against strong opponents in Eibar and Athletic Club. against Athletic Club it was a 2-2 draw with Avila scoring an absolute beauty in the 87′ minute two draw level. It was a thriller. Huesca fans will be hoping for more of the same here but against Barca its almost impossible. But football is a weird game and anything can happen. If their players step up and play some good footbqall, never lose hope, a good result is assured. Barca may slip in the defense a bit and Huesca should use that to their advantage. So, while a Barca look like definite winners on paper, I still think this will be a little bit challenging for Barca.

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To conclude Barcelona Vs Huesca Prediction I will say that. The match will end 3-1 with Messi getting a brace and Barca’s defense will be heavily challenged.

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