Barcelona Vs PSV Prediction and Betting Tips

As Barcelona take on PSV in the opening fixture of the Champions League 2018, we bring to you Barcelona Vs PSV prediction and Betting Tips.

Barcelona Vs PSV Prediction and Betting Tips:

F.C Barcelona have had a brilliant start to their season. They have won The Super Copa De Espana, Barca are at the top of their league and have been brilliant throughout. Their main target this season is the Champions League. After three unsuccessful Champions League campaigns, they have got to redeem themselves. And with this match against the Netherlands giants, they will be hoping for a resounding win. PSV have also had a brilliant start to the season. They are at the top of The Netherlands Erediviese table after winning 4 out of 4 matches. So this match will be a thrill ride.

Barcelona Vs PSV Prediction Head 2 head stats:s

Team S U N W (H) W (A) D (H) D (A) L (H) L (A)
FC Barcelona 7 0 3 4 3 1 2
PSV Eindhoven 6 3 1 2 4 1 2 1

Barcelona’s Form:

For the past three consecutive years, before winning the treble Barca have been knocked out of the champions league in the quarter-finals. last season they got knocked out by Roma of all teams in the quarter-finals. I mean Roma? Come on Barca. They have seen their rivals Real Madrid win the Champions League for three years in a row. As a Barca fan this was extremely disappointing and I would love to see a more successful Campaign this season. But remember that this is a group of death containing Inter Milan, Tottenham and PSV. So this will also be a hard campaign. Barca have been on brilliant form this season though.

They won the Super Copa De Espana which is a pre season trophy. They have played 4 matches in the league and won all of them. So they are on exceptional form. A top of the table side, they are. They have made amazing signings like Arthur, Malcom, Arturo Vidal and Clement Lenglet. So they are much stronger then last year and have a brilliant bench as well. Their players are on form namely Dembele and of course the man himself, Lionel Messi. The main thing is that Barca NEED TO WIN THIS MATCH.

This match is extremely crucial to the season and they need to win it one way or another or they will lose points. Champions League is the most Prestigious League in club football and Barca need to win it this year. They have more then enough resources to win it. The problem arrives, mainly in the defense. Barcelona’s defense is extremely poor sometimes.They give away too many chances and sometimes make silly mistakes. Another problem is their coach’s style of play. Barcelona have been a team that always attacks, even when they are 6-0 up they never sit back and always attack. Valverde wants them to defend a lead but it’s just not the Barca way. Players that are used to the Barca way just can not play defensively. So this was another issue worth pointing out. Now let’s have a look at PSV’s side of things.

PSV’s Form:

PSV is arguably the best club in the netherlands. They are deservedly in the First position in the league. They have won four out of their four matches. And they are a big threat for barca. Their goal in the UEFA Champions League will be to at least finish in the Europa League spot which means the third spot. And I genuinely think they can pull it off. They are a very hard working team and they can definitely get a good result in this match if they go for it. Who does not love a team that is not scared and it goes for it? PSV can get a decent result out of this match. It might seem impossible. But Football is a weird game. Anything can happen. But as a Barca fan I will wish PSV good luck and move on with my Prediction


To end this Barcelona Vs PSV Prediction , I will say Barcelona will perform very well in this match and get a resounding 4-1 win to get those three points and hope for a very successsful Champions League Campaign. I also believe Messi and Dembele will score.

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