Bayern vs Hoffeinheim Live Streaming

As Bayern Munich take on Hoffenheim in Bundesliga Opener,we bring to you Bayern vs Hoffeinheim Live Streaming.

Bayern vs Hoffeinheim Live Streaming

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Bayern won 3-1

Match Info

Bayern Munich and Hoffeinheim have played each other 20 times with Bayern emerging victor in 13 of these games. Hoffeinheim could only manage 2 while 5 ended in a tie. 4 of the last 5 meetings have ended Bayerns way while one was a tie.Clearly Bayern have an upper hand!


Matches: 20-Bayern: 13- Hoffeinheim: 2-Tie: 5

What does this Match Hold?

Well numerically, this is between two German Giants who were placed 1st and 3rd in the last season. That way this one should make a hell of a match-up. This,however, ain’t case. Bayern are undisputed Kings of Germany. The last season they garnered 84 points in the League: 21 more than the Runner-ups.Well,that’s not just it. The goal difference was a staggering 64. So Bayern defend well and they score well. the best thing: they scored the most goals and conceded the least. That is some domination.

Hoffeinheim were mediocre the last season. They came a close 3rd owing to their goal difference. They are a side on the rise. They ranked 15th in 2015/16, 4th in 2016/2017 and 3rd in 2017/2018. Interestingly Bayern won all these just the way they won the two preceding ones.

Could be a good contest if Hoffeinheim play well. Otherwise, Bayern are on another level whatsoever.

Bayern vs Hoffeinheim Live Streaming-List of Broadcasters


Country Language Broadcasters
Brazil Portuguese Fox Sports
Canada English Sportsnet
Caribbean English Fox Sports
Cuba Spanish Tele Rebelde
Latin America Spanish Fox Sports
Puerto Rico
United States
English &
Fox Sports, Univision Deportes


Country Language Broadcasters
Afghanistan Afghan Lemar TV
Asia-Pacific English Fox Sports Asia
Australia English beIN Sports
Central Asia Russian Setanta Sports
China Chinese, English PPTV, Star Sports
Hong Kong Cantonese, English Fox Sports Asia
Indian Subcontinent English Star Sports
Japan Japanese NHK, DAZN
New Zealand English TVNZ
South Korea English, Korean Star Sports, JTBC3 Fox Sports
Taiwan Chinese, English Fox Sports Asia
Tajikistan Tajik Varzish TV, Football TV
Vietnam English, Vietnamese Fox SportsAsia, SCTV, VTVcab


Country Language Broadcasters
Albania Albanian Eurosport 2
Andorra Spanish Movistar
Armenia Armenian Setanta Sports
Austria German Sky Deutschland, Eurosport
Azerbaijan Azeri Idman TV, Setanta Sports
Belarus Belarusian Setanta Sports
Belgium Dutch, French Eleven Sports
Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnian, English Eurosport 2
Bulgaria Bulgarian Eurosport 2
Croatia Croatia Eurosport 2
Cyprus Greek PrimeTel
Czech Republic Czech Digi Sport
Denmark Danish Viasat Sport
Estonia Estonian Eurosport 2
Finland Finnish Viasat Sport
France French beIN Sports
Georgia Georgian Setanta Sports
Greece Greek Cosmote Sport
Hungary Hungarian Sport1
Iceland Icelandic Stöð 2 Sport
Ireland English BT Sport
Italy Italian Sky Sport
Kosovo Albanian Kujtesa
Latvia Latvian Eurosport 2
Liechtenstein German Sky Deutschland, Eurosport
Lithuania Lithuanian Eurosport 2
Luxembourg German, French Sky Deutschland, Eleven Sports
Macedonia Macedonian Eurosport 2
Malta Maltese Total Sports Network
Moldova Moldovan Setanta Sports
Montenegro Montenegrin Eurosport 2
Netherlands Dutch FOX Sports
Norway Norwegian Viasat Sport
Poland Polish Eleven Sports, NC
Portugal Portuguese Sport TV
Romania Romanian Digi Sport, Telekom Sport
Russia Russian Match TV
San Marino Italian Sky Sport
Slovakia Czech, Slovak Dajto, Digi Sport
Slovenia Slovenian Eurosport 2
Serbia Serbian Eurosport 2
Spain Spanish Movistar
Sweden Swedish Viasat Sport
Switzerland German Sky Deutschland, Eurosport
Turkey Turkish Laola1
Ukraine Ukrainian MEGOGO
United Kingdom English BT Sport


Country Language Broadcasters
Israel Hebrew Sport1
Middle East and North Africa Arabic beIN Sports Arabia

Sub-Saharan Africa

Country Language Broadcasters
Sub-Saharan Africa English StarTime Sports


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