Chelsea vs Bournemouth Prediction and Betting Tips

As Chelsea and Bournemouth takes on each other in the Premier League Matchday 4, we bring to you Chelsea vs Bournemouth Prediction and Betting Tips.

Chelsea vs Bournemouth Prediction and Betting Tips:

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New Customer Offer BetCredits $ 50 $ 200 $ 100 $ 100 $ 50 $ 20
Chelsea 2/7 2/7 28/100 N/A 1/4 28/100 28/100
Draw 19/4 21/4 5/1 N/A 4/1 5/1 9/2
Bournemouth 8/1 10/1 9/1 N/A 17/2 39/4 10/1

Chelsea will try to keep up in the race to win Premier League by defeating Bournemouth. Chelsea had an outstanding start this Premier League and are undefeated as of yet. Furthermore, they have defeated strong teams such as Arsenal and Newcastle United already. Chelsea seems dangerous and will be a potential threat to all the teams this season.

They stand 3rd in League positions with Liverpool and the Spurs in the lead. Chelsea is 2 goals short of being number 1 in the League.

On the other hand we have a much obscure team of Bournemouth who have also been great in this Premier League. They stand 6th in League position, even above Manchester United and Arsenal. Bournemouth have defeated Cardiff City and West Ham. They conceded a draw against Everton by 2-2. It was an extremely tough match and a good job was done by Bournemouth to get to a draw after being down at 2-0. Either way, both teams are performing their best and lets break down this match to see who is better.

Chelsea’s Form:

We all know how prestigious this team is. They were 5th last Premier League and won’t be going easy this Premier League. In fact we might see them at their best this time around. They will be going better than 5th this time. Chelsea is in top form and so are its players. Pedro has been performing well and is the highest goal scorer from Chelsea too. The mid-field had Eden Hazard performing extremely well. Hazard managed 2 assists. Chelsea’s top players are pretty much in form and Chelsea is extremely dangerous.

What more proof will be of Chelsea’s form than the last 5 matches. They won 4 out of them! 3 of them were from this Premier League and another victory was against Lyon! The last defeat Chelsea faced was against Manchester City and by 2-0. Well what can I say? City is just too strong. Nonetheless, Chelsea has a good record with teams such as Newcastle and Arsenal being defeated by them. So the better team is also in form. Their last 5 matches goes as WWWWL. Furthermore, Chelsea will be the hosts this time and have the home advantage too.

Bournemouth’s Form:

Bournemouth isn’t coming slow either. They are 6th in the League which is impressive. Furthermore, their player Callum Wilson is in form and has already had 1 assist and 2 goals. Other of their players haven’t missed on the actions either. Nathan and Ryan have also been successful in netting the ball and Ryan also made an assist. Steve Cook also made an assist. Bournemouth is looking quite in form.

Even when taking a look at their last 5 matches, they prove themselves to be quite amazing. They won 4 out of their last 5 matches as well. These were against smaller clubs but the victories were mostly dominating. Furthermore, they had 1 draw at 2-2 against Everton. So their last 5 matches goes as WDWWW. This is impressive and even proves they are in top form.

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I mentioned earlier that both teams are in form. However now we shall revert to which team is better. Chelsea is the stronger team and my Chelsea vs Bournemouth Prediction goes to Chelsea. They are indeed too strong for Bournemouth. Chelsea has a win probability of 72%! Chances of draw are 18% and chances of Bournemouth winning is only 10%.

However it may be interesting to mention that the last match between these 2, in the last Premier League, was dominated by Bournemouth. They won by three to nothing against Chelsea! Quite surprising right. However with the exception of that, Chelsea did not lose a match against Bournemouth in their last 5 head to head meetings. Based on everything, our Chelsea vs Bournemouth Prediction will be in favour of Chelsea winning it by 2-1.

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