Chelsea vs Huddersfield Prediction and Betting Tips

As Chelsea and Huddersfield take on each other in the 3rd match of Premier League, we bring to you Chelsea vs Huddersfield Prediction and Betting Tips.

Chelsea vs Huddersfield Preview:

The third match in the Premier League this season is Chelsea vs Huddersfield. This will be a fascinating fixture due to many reasons. Chelsea will be the favorites in this match but Huddersfield isn’t a bad team either. They impressed the whole world by not getting relegated last season.

Let’s break down this match Why Chelsea may or may not win…

Some people will be thinking that this is a definite victory for Chelsea while it actually won’t be. Chelsea are a great team as we know but they changed their manager this season. And he definitely has a different style of play then Antonio Conte. Their goalkeeper Thibaut Cortois left and joined Real Madrid. They bought Arrizalabaga which was a little controversial but turned out to be a good signing in the end. The manager will be trying new things out so a loss might not hurt them. But Chelsea are a way superior team then Huddersfield. They have brilliant players like Eden hazard and Willian. They also made some brilliant signings so I’m Backing Chelsea for this one.

Why Huddersfield may or may not win…

Huddersfield are an okay side but they are way inferior then Chelsea. They have made some good signings this transfer window but they are still not upto the mark yet. They are expected to lose but they can definitely give chelsea a hard time. They may even win or draw if they play more attacking football. They can win if they don’t lose hope and don’t give up. They are expected to get relegated this season but I think they are a good team. If they stay together they will either draw or win against Chelsea and then make a good run in the Premier League.

Chelsea vs Huddersfield Prediction:

In the end, I think Chelsea will win this match easily but Huddersfield won’t make Chelsea make the most out of it and the match will end 4-1

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