Liverpool Vs Brighton Prediction and Betting Tips

As Liverpool take on Brighton in the Premier League Matchday 3, we bring to you Liverpool vs Brighton Prediction and Betting Tips.

Liverpool Vs Brighton Prediction and Betting Tips:

Liverpool had a terrific start to the season by winning their opening two matches against West Ham and Crystal Palace. They have had a flying start to the season and they will be looking to continue this form that they have. Brighton on the other hand shocked the whole world by getting a victory against Manchester United which was a 3-2 thriller. They lost their first match against Watford. But I am still shocked at how Brighton defeated United 3-2. But no game of football is the same and neither would this be. Brighton may look like they are ready for it but Liverpool will always have the upper hand. But this will be a very exciting match with a lot of unpredictable moments. So let’s break this match down.

Liverpool’s Form:

Liverpool’s form is exceptional. They have won both of their matches and won them with style. Their players are also on form. Everything is set for them to win another game. But this is a game against a team that defeated Manchester United 3-2 at Old Trafford. So this won’t be easy at all. In fact Brighton can give Liverpool some problems in this match. But Klopp’s men always find a way to win as we know. Liverpool should have only one objective this season, winning the league. And they are going for it. Who doesn’t love a team that just goes for it? Liverpool as we know have spent a lot of money and bought Fabinho, Naby Keita and Allison in goal. So they are arguably the most powerful side in the Premier League after Manchester City maybe.

I also think that they can actually win the league if they work hard for it. But they can’t do it without winning this match. The problem though, is their defense. They have arguably the best attack in the league consisting Salah,Mane and Firmino. But their defense still has a lot of problems and they still struggle a lot.

Liverpool look like strong favorites in this match, bet let’s not forget Brighton have ruined Liverpool’s night once before.

Brighton’s Form:

Brighton lost to Watford in their first game but man did they make up for it against Manchester United. I mean 3-2 at Old Trafford is exceptional. So they have had a fair start to the season. They will also be looking to at least get a draw out of this match. And with the players they’ve got, who are completely on form btw, they can not only draw but win. But in order to do that, they have to play at their best and show a great performance. They are pretty inconsistent though, that’s why I am not backing them up in this match.

While this match is a little bit unpredictable, I still think Liverpool will edge through it. So they will have three wins in a row.


Liverpool Vs Brighton Prediction will go in favour of Liverpool but it won’t be that easy for them. So it will end 2-0 in the favor of Liverpool. I also believe that Salah will score.

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