Liverpool Vs Leicester City Prediction And Betting Tips

As Liverpool take on Leicester City, we bring to you Liverpool Vs Leicester City Prediction and Betting Tips.

Liverpool Vs Leicester City Prediction and Betting Tips:

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New Customer Offer BetCredits $ 50 $ 200 $ 100 $ 100 $ 50 $ 20
Leicester City 6/1 13/2 11/2 N/A 6/1 27/4 13/2
Draw 15/4 19/5 15/4 N/A 7/2 15/4 7/2
Liverpool 2/5 4/9 9/20 N/A 4/11 42/100 40/100


The opening match for the weekend in the Premier League is between Liverpool and Leicester City. With only 3 matches in, Liverpool are already in that first position. They are also strong favorites alongside Manchester City to win the league title this season. That will be their main objective. While Leicester City will be looking for at least the top ten or the Europa League spot. They are currently on 7th with 3 games in.

Leicester are a powerful side to go against. Don’t forget they are a team that made history and won the league title a couple of years ago. So,  this won’t be a walk in the park for Liverpool. This will rather be a test for them. But with such a great start to the season, Liverpool will be hungry for more points. Leicester will also be looking to up their game and at least get a draw out of this game. That is why this is such a fascinating fixture. Now let’s break this match down.

Liverpool’s Form:

Liverpool’s form is exceptional. Definitely the best in the league. in three games they have managed to get 9 points which means they’ve won all three games. They have even outshined Manchester City. They are also the most powerful side except maybe Manchester City. But with the front three of dreams consisting Salah, Mane and Firmino, they are all set. Their front three is honestly the best in world football right now. Before it was Messi, Neymar and Suarez. Now though, it is all Salah, Mane, Firmino.

They also have a great bench consisting Shaqiri and whatnot. Their midfield is ammaaazingggg! I’m talking Naby Keita, Fabinho , Shaqiri, Wijnaldum, Henderson and Adam Lallana. So they are cruising. But the problem may be the defense. I mean yeah Van Dijk is one of the best defenders in the world but alongside him is Lovren. Who is one of the worst. So they might slip in the defense sometimes for Leicester City to counter.  Liverpool this year are all set for a grand season and this match I think will be another victory for them.

Leicester City’s Form:

I am going to be honest, they are not bad either. They only lost their opener against Manchester United. But after that, they have been on pretty good form. They have won their last two games. Their main goal will be the Europa League spot but Top 10 won’t be bad either. While they know they have very less chances of winning but they still would be hoping to at least get a draw. And I think they may get a draw out of this. They have the experience as well as the players to do that. But they will have to play their hearts out.

They will have to do whatever they can to achieve that and it is going to be extremely hard. Harry Maguire scored an absolute beauty in Leicester’s previous match. He will have to play like that in order to get a good result. Leicester have lost all three previous matches against Liverpool. So they will be looking for revenge for sure. This will be a tough and tight clash with both teams trying to get a good result. But it isn’t going to be easy for any team expecially Leicester and I think Liverpool may just edge through this match.

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To Conclude the article I will say that Liverpool vs Leicester City Prediction will go to Liverpool by 2-1 with Salah scoring a goal. I also think that the goals will come late in the second half and Liverpool will lose a clean sheet. This was Liverpool vs Leicester City Prediction and Betting Tips.

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