Manchester City Vs Huddersfield Prediction and Betting Tips.

As Manchester City take on Huddersfield Town,we bring to you Manchester City Vs Huddersfield Prediction and Betting Tips.

Manchester City Vs Huddersfield Prediction and Betting Tips:

Manchester City will play their second match of the Premier League against Huddersfield. A side that did very well last year. Manchester City, after winning their first match of the season against Arsenal will be looking to get yet another victory in this match to strengthen their run. You might think of this match as a simple walk in the park but for Manchester City but we’ve seen dramatic stuff in football. I mean yes this will be pretty easy for Manchester City but football is a weird game. Brighton may do something miraculous in this match but that’s very unlikely. Anyway let’s break this match down.

Manchester City’s form:

Manchester City had an exceptional start to the season by defeating Arsenal 2-0. We all know they have one of the best players and arguably the best Manager in the world, Pep Guardiola. They team is powerful enough to defeat Huddersfield not 1-0 or 2-0 but around 4-0 to 5-0. They are always well managed, well balanced and calm. Their manager will know how to handle these hard situations. But one problem that will haunt Manchester City is that Kevin de Bruyne, who is Manchester City’s best player, is Injured and will be out for some months. So with the absence of their best player, they will have to deal with some problems. But we all know Man City can deal with them. If players like Raheem Sterling, Aguero and others step up their game and play well, they will win this match with good margin but if they don’t, we might see a draw or possibly even a loss. Riyad Mahrez will also be looking to have an impact on the match and possibly score a goal. But there’s a 95% chance that Manchester City will win. And the win against Arsenal will boost up their confidence and they can win.

Man. City’s Lineup:

Man. City's Lineup

Huddersfield’s form:

‘Damage limitation’ was the theme for most visiting sides to the Etihad last season. Teams in the lower reaches of the league table perhaps realised that trying to take the game to City would only end in disaster and would be worse than just defending for 90 minutes.The light blue train shows no signs of slowing down this season, either, so it may be Groundhog Day for much of the campaign. Huddersfield were impressive in the match against Chelsea but they lost 3-0 to them. If they can lose 3-0 at home against Chelsea, think about what can happen against a team like Manchester City at HOME. But as they say, never lose up. So yeah, if they don’t lose hope and play well and also if their key players perform, they can at least draw the match and get some crucial away points. While Huddersfield supporters will be looking out for their team. The cards favor Manchester City a lot more.

Huddersfield’s lineup:

Huddersfield's lineup


Manchester City vs Huddersfield Prediction will go in favour of Manchester City. I think Huddersfield will not give Manchester City too many problems but they might lose a clean sheet tho as the match may end 4-1 in the favor of Manchester City.Manchester City vs Huddersfield Town. Live Streaming will be available on



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