Manchester City vs Newcastle Prediction and Betting Tips

As Manchester City and Newcastle takes on each other in Premier League Matchday 4, we bring to you Manchester City vs Newcastle Prediction and Betting Tips.

Manchester City vs Newcastle Prediction and Betting Tips:

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New Customer Offer BetCredits $ 50 $ 200 $ 100 $ 100 $ 50 $ 20
Manchester City 1/10 1/9 12/100 N/A 1/16 10/100 11/100
Draw 8/1 19/2 17/2 N/A 9/1 35/4 17/2
Newcastle United 20/1 25/1 35/2 N/A 16/1 30/1 28/1

The defending champions will be up against a team which finished 10th last season. Not a tough competition. Nonetheless, Manchester City is the top contender to win this upcoming match. Manchester City is the strongest team in Premier League as well. In fact they are among the top clubs of the world. I don’t even need to tell how strong Manchester City actually is.

Despite being such a wonderful team, they drew a match against Wolves by 1-1. That was a let down by the team. However they will be looking forward to get back on their track to win Premier League by defeating Newcastle. Of course Newcastle will not be aiming to serve Manchester City their victory in a plate. Manchester will have to work hard for it and can not slack off. They have already been left behind and they need to get back in the competition.

Newcastle are not that good either. They place 16th in the League as of now. Newcastle was defeated in their first match by the Spurs and could only draw the second against Cardiff City. They lost their 3rd match too and this time from Chelsea. Newcastle can not be blamed. They were put up against top level clubs and their defeat is excusable. Well without further ado, lets break down this match.

Manchester City’s Form:

City is the best team of Premier League and are in form too. They are extremely dangerous. They did have a draw against Wolves which was pretty disappointing, but apart from that, their recent record is marvelous. Manchester City won 4 out of the last 5 matches played. Only one was a draw against Wolves. Manchester City defeated Bayern Munich, Chelsea, Arsenal and Huddersfield Town in its last 5 matches! Bayern Munich lost 3-2, Chelsea lost 2-0, Arsenal lost 2-0 and Huddersfield Town lost 6-1! This is enough to prove that Manchester City is in form and is quite formidable. Their last 5 matches goes as DWWWW.

City’s Players are in form as well. Sergio Aguero is quite in form too. He has already scored 3 goals till now. Furthermore, we have the defender Benjamin Mendy who made 3 assists! Manchester City is quite dangerous and it is quite unfortunate for Newcastle as well. We will see Manchester City applying an attack strategy as well.

Newcastle’s Form:

Newcastle are not even close to the form Manchester City is in. Newcastle didn’t have many goals this season too. The only scorer from their team was Joselu who scored 2 goals. Furthermore, Matt Ritchie and DeAndre provided 1 assist each. So lets just say Newcastle hasn’t shown great performances as a whole.

Their last 5 matches are even more disastrous. They lost 4 and drew 1. They were unable to win a single game since their last 5 matches. Their matches goes as LLDLL. Newcastle is weak and seeing as how they are not regarded as good travelers, I’d say Manchester City is in for a dominating victory.

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The conclusion is pretty simple. Manchester City vs Newcastle Prediction will be in favour of Manchester City undoubtedly. City have an extremely high win probability. Their win probability is 87%! The chances of draw goes to 10%. This means that the chance of Newcastle emerging victorious has dropped as low as 3% only. That are extremely unfavourable odds. Even in their last 5 head to head matches, Manchester City never lost once. The best Newcastle did was a draw at 1-1. They lost the other 4 matches and most of them by big differences.

Therefore my Manchester City vs Newcastle Prediction is in favour of Manchester City. Moreover the final score will be 4-1 or 3-0 in favour of Manchester City.

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