Manchester United Vs Tottenham Prediction and Betting Tips

As Manchester United take on Tottenham, we bring to you Manchester United Vs Tottenham Prediction and Betting Tips

Manchester United Vs Tottenham Prediction and Betting Tips:

Manchester United and Tottenham are one of the top 4 teams in the Premier League. Both of these clubs have rich history and are one of the best clubs in Europe. But not both of them had a good start to the season. Manchester United had a shock 3-2 defeat against a team like Brighton which was atrocious and disappointing which I will talk about later. Tottenham though, even without making any signings this season had such a nice start. Didn’t have a clean sheet, i know but they were very good and won both of their games with style.

With so many fixtures happening this weekend this is the one you should be looking forward to.This is going to be an amazing clash determining the forms of both United and Tottenham. In the previous three clashes between these two teams, United have won twice and Spurs have won the other.  So let’s break this match down.

Manchester United’s Form:

Manchester United’s form has been absolutely shocking. They won their first game for which i completely give them credit for, but they lost their second game to Brighton. Freakin’ Brighton? And that too at Home! At Old Trafford. How atrocious is that? They had the strongest starting eleven but still they lost to Brighton 3-2. This was unacceptable by the fans. Mourinho is on the brink of leaving the club. Martial and Pogba are set to leave. So Man United are really struggling. And with the rich history they have, that shouldn’t be the case at all.

Call me a fan but only Pogba is standing up for Manchester United but he too, is set to leave. Mourinho’s tactics aren’t really working well and neither do these tactics suite Manchester United. If any Manchester United fans need my opinion, Mourinho should be changed with a better manager. I am not saying Mourinho is a bad manager but that he doesn’t fit at Manchester United. If Manchester United’s strongest side can lose against Brighton, then it is easy to say that they can lose against Spurs too. But if they perform well, their big players step up their game and Mourinho figures out his tactics, a win can be a possibility. Spurs though, won’t let this match slip through their hands so easily. Let’s look at their side of the match.

Tottenham’s Form:

Tottenham have had an exciting start to the season by winning both of their openers. But let’s not forget both of them were teams like Newcastle and Fulham. They still performed very well though. Harry Kane finally scored a goal in August, and Dele Alli finally figured out his signature celebration lol. But overall i think even without making any signings, they have had a great start to the season and if they can continue this form they can win against United.

Not all of their players all fully on form though namely Ericson and Alderweireld. The player who’s been all over the news btw is Trippier, who scored a bullet free kick in the last match against Fulham. So he will be looking to impress his manager a lot more. It does look like Tottenham may edge through this match but we know Tottenham make defensive mistakes that cost them. Manchester United will also be looking to redeem themselves so they will be on their best. Tottenham will also need to be on their best to get a result out of this match.


To conclude everything i would say that Tottenham will have the upper hand in this match but it still would end as a 2-2 draw with both teams getting a point. I also think Kane will score.

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