Real Madrid vs Atletico Prediction and Betting Tips

As Real Madrid takes on Atletico Madrid in UEFA Super Cup, we bring to you Real Madrid vs Atletico Prediction and Betting Tips.

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Real Madrid vs Atletico Prediction and Betting Tips:

The opener for Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid is The UEFA Super Cup. This is such an interesting match. Firstly, because these are both Madrid sides so this is a Madrid Derby. Secondly, this is a pre season cup held between the winners of the Europe League that go up against the winners of The Champions League. Madrid as you probably know were the winners of the Champions League and Atletico Madrid were the winners of the Europa League. And now especially after Ronaldo’s move to Juventus, Madrid are desperate for a quality Winger. So it will be exciting to see what they can do against a good side like Atletico Madrid without their main man, Cristiano Ronaldo who’s gone to Juventus.

Real Madrid’s Form…

Real Madrid were amazing in the preseason tournament with Gareth Bale and Marco Asensio completely on form. Bale and Asensio scored some screamers and beauties that people will remember for a long time. But with the exception of Ronaldo, Real Madrid are definitely a bit weak. After all Ronaldo’s Real Madrid’s best player in history. But the new manager has been showing good signs and he looks like he can bring a lot to the club so he will be doing his best in the clash against Atletico Madrid. His tactics can help Real win the cup final. Real Madrid on the other hand have a shortage of good substitutes. They’ve barely made any signings this season and actually sold more of their players. But the only decent signing they made was Thibaut Courtois from Chelsea who actually used to be an Atletico Madrid player. In my opinion he is one of the best goalkeepers in Europe and he is a very good signing. He can outperform Jan O black who is Atletico’s goalkeeper. But Atletico Madrid aren’t a side that give up either and they pushed aside Real Madrid last season to finish second on la liga.

Atletico Madrid’s Form:

Atletico Madrid had one of their best seasons in recent years. They finished second in LA liga pushing Real Madrid aside and they also won the Europa League by defeating Arsenal in the Semis and OM in the final. They have also made some great signings like Thomas Lemar that can contribute a lot to the match. Their manager Diego Simione is one of the best managers in Europe and has the tactics as well as the technical abilities to turn the match around in difficult situations. They have exceptional players like Antione Griezman(The World Cup Winner), Saul, Diego Simione, Koke and many others. They also have great substitutes and their goalkeeper Jan O Black is also a great goalkeeper. Their players, of they step up their game can win Atletico Madrid their match. All things considered I still think Real Madrid vs Atletico Prediction will be in favour of Real Madrid.


So I believe that Real Madrid will slightly edge it and win the match maybe 2-1 or 1-0 either way they will win by only one goal.

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