Real Madrid vs Girona Prediction and Betting Tips

As Real Madrid takes on Girona in La Liga Matchday 2, we bring to you Real Madrid vs Girona Prediction and Betting Tips…

Real Madrid vs Girona Prediction and Betting Tips:

Real Madrid and Girona now take on each other in La Liga. Both Teams have played 1 match before. Girona played against Valladolid. The match ended up as a draw. Real Madrid was up against Getafe. Real Madrid won by 2-0. The difference in both teams is crystal clear.

Girona is a weak team. They are not as efficient in La Liga as the top teams. They were placed 10th in La Liga. Out of the 38 matches they played last season, they only won 14. They drawed 9 matched and lost 15! This is a pretty bad reputation for a team. This proves how weak Girona is.

Real Madrid are not at their prime as well. They recently lost to Atletico Madrid by 4-2. They are no longer the kings! Real Madrid may have gotten weaker but they still are strong enough to win this match. Without further ado, lets crack this match up.

Real Madrid’s Form:

Real Madrid have moved past their prime. However Real may surprise us yet again. Real may have lost to Atletico Madrid but there will be no way we will see Real be defeated by Girona. Real recorded a win at the 1st match in La Liga. It seemed as if their manager was able to figure out the team and provided them an efficient way to win.

Real Madrid lost their star player Ronaldo. We see them suffering without his presence. They still have not found a replacement for Ronaldo. Zidane also left the club. We didn’t see them have much signings as well this season. However one decent signing was of Thibaut Courtois. He is an amazing Goal keeper in my view.

Real Madrid is still a strong team. Despite their draw backs, they are still a great team. Players like Bale and Asensio make them quite formidable. Madrid has always been slow in the start of the matches. However they will not be defeated that easily. Even when not in their prime, they are still a strong team. They won 4 out of the last 5 matches they have played recently.

Girona’s Form:

Girona are a relatively weak team compared to Real Madrid. Girona was 10th in the last La Liga. Girona lacks extremely well players. Their squad does not have a legend in it. However Girona isn’t that weak of a team too. Girona defeated the spurs by 4-1 on 4th august 2018. Girona is pretty strong. They kept most of the possession and the Spurs were humiliated back then. Therefore, we can not go on under-estimating Girona. They recently drew a match against Real Valladolid. Girona seems in form and may prove a threat to Real Madrid. Many say that the Spurs were going easy on Girona and their manager was on holidays too. Still Girona did managed to achieve a feat. Out of the last 5 matches Girona played, they won 2, lost 2 and drew 1. 

Real Madrid is also a slow scorer in the early matches of La Liga. Girona may take it to their advantage.


The 2 teams went head to head twice. One out of the 2 matches were won by Girona by 2-1. This happened in October 2017. However the other one was dominated by Real Madrid in March 2018. Real Madrid won by 6-3. These 2 teams may manage to put a fierce battle among each other. Nonetheless, my Real Madrid vs Girona Prediction will go in favour of Real Madrid. It is obvious. Real Madrid have a win probability of 69% while Girona only have 11% of it. Chances of a Draw are only 20%. Real Madrid will win by a great margin. Believing that their defence mess up sometimes, we can conclude that they will win by 4-2. Therefore, my Real Madrid vs Girona Prediction will be in favour of Real Madrid winning by 4-2 or 3-1.

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