Real Madrid vs Leganes Prediction and Betting Tips

As Real Madrid takes on Leganes in La Liga Matchday 3, we bring to you Real Madrid vs Leganes Prediction and Betting Tips.

Real Madrid vs Leganes Prediction and Betting Tips:

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New Customer Offer BetCredits $ 50 $ 200 $ 100 $ 100 $ 50 $ 20
Real Madrid 1/7 1/9 11/100 N/A 1/16 10/100 11/100
Draw 15/2 8/1 29/4 N/A 8/1 8/1 17/2
Leganes 20/1 20/1 19/1 N/A 20/1 51/2 33/1

The team on top of La Liga this year faces of the 12th team in the standings. We all know what the upcoming results will be. However, lets just look further deep into it.

Real Madrid are a way better team. Their position last La Liga was 3rd, below Barcelona and Atletico Madrid. Leganes was 17th. They were almost demoted to the Segunda Division of La Liga. Real Madrid has been up in the news recently. Their star player left them and they lost the 1st match after that. It was commonly speculated that Real Madrid has weakened. However this was no longer the case since La Liga started.

Real Madrid won their 1st Match by 2-0 and the second by 4-1 against Girona. They look specially dangerous. Real has already proven us that Ronaldo may have been the star of the club, the club won’t be weakened even after he left. On the other hand, Leganes have not proven to be much of a threat specially to a club like Real Madrid. Their first match ended up as a 2-1 defeat by Athletic Bilbao and the second was a draw against Real Sociedad. The results are against Leganes but they have been performing better than their reputation would suggest.

Real Sociedad is a great team and it was quite good for Leganes to have a draw against them.

Leganes’s Form:

Leganes are in form definitely. They managed to score a draw against Real Sociedad in the dying minutes of the match. It is pretty true that their last 5 matches are disastrous. In their last 5 matches, they won only 1. They lost 3 and drew one. The last time they played before this La Liga was in the last La Liga. Leganes last matches goes as DLWLL. Before this La Liga, they only played in the last La Liga and had no matches in between so they should be getting more in form with each passing match. In short, Leganes will put up their best against Real Madrid and Real Madrid should not take them lightly.

Real Madrid’s Form:

Perhaps the team most weakened this year is Real Madrid as they lost their star player who was argued to be the world’s best player by many. Ronaldo is suffering. Nonetheless, They still managed to put up a fight and have not given up. They even lost Zidane and made no signings for a proper substitute. The only proper substitute was of Thibaut Courtois.

Nonetheless, players like Gareth Bale, Asensio, Benzema, Ramos and Isco makes the squad quite strong. Furthermore, these players have been in form and have performed quite well. Real Madrid’s form is pretty good too. Out of their last 5 matches, they won 4 and lost 1 only. Their form goes as WWLWW. The only defeat they had was by Atletico Madrid by 4-2. In short, Real Madrid is in top form. Even if they haven’t find a replacement to fill up the gap left by Ronaldo, they still manage to be in the top teams. Real Madrid is in top of the League as of now above Barcelona and Atletico.

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Both Teams have a visible difference between them. This is specially visible from the win probability. Real Madrid has a win probability of 86%! The probability of a draw is 10%. The probability of Leganes winning is 4%. It is pretty visible who would win. Furthermore, in the last 5 head to head matches between these 2 teams, Real Madrid won 4 and lost only 1.

Therefore, my Real Madrid vs Leganes Prediction will be in favour of Real Madrid. Real Madrid will be dominant. Furthermore, Real Madrid vs Leganes Prediction of score will be 3-1 in favour of Real Madrid.

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