Real Madrid Vs Roma Prediction and Betting Tips

As Real Madrid take on Roma in the champions league, we bring to you Real Madrid Vs Roma Prediction and Betting Tips.

Real Madrid Vs Roma Prediction and Betting Tips:

This is a bit of an ironic match. Real Madrid are playing a small team that knocked their Rivals Barcelona out of the champions League last season. And this time around Madrid’s big name, Cristiano Ronaldo has gone to the Italian giants, Juventus. But Madrid have been conquering the Champions League for the best three years. They made history by winning UCL three times in a row.

And this is coming from a Barca fan. They maybe don’t necessarily have Cristiano to make an impact but they have the will and they energy to win the UCL again. But if Roma can defeat Barcelona, they can sure as hell defeat Real Madrid too because as iv’e said before, Football is a weird game. You never know what’s coming. That being said, let’s break this clash down.

Real Madrid’s Form:

Madrid have been, meh, they’ve been alright. They sit second in the league table with Barca leading the line. And drew their last game against ATH. Bilbao and dropped points. That was definitely a major blow to the Madrid Club. but they will be looking to Redeem themselves by winning this game against Roma. And they can do that for sure. I mean they’ve got Bale, Benzema, Isco and Asensio for crying out loud.

They have one of the best defense lines ever. And their coach isn’t bad either. So they are all set for a flying start to the Champions League. And if you ask me. They will easily defeat Roma if they put in a good performance.Madrid have everything a team needs to win the UCL again. They are one of the top clubs in Europe and they might not have Ronaldo anymore. But they have the power, the depth and the superiority. This might even be a huge victory if let’s suppose Roma don’t preform well. And Roma have lost some big players this season. So this will be easy for Madrid. But they will have to play like an elite club in order to win a major victory. Let’s now look at Roma’s side of things.

Roma’s Form:

Roma. A team that will always be remembered for knocking Barcelona out in the second leg of a champions league quarter final, Probably. They have been OK this season in terms of Serie A. Roma have lost some very key players  that will cause some problems for them. The Romanian club have lost Allsion to Liverpool which was a huge huge step down. And they replaced him with an okay goalkeeper.

A goalkeeper not a good fit for a team like Roma. But anyway they are in the Champions League and they are likely to go through their group into the Round Of 16. I really don’t think they will win against Madrid though. They are a very small side compared to Madrid. I mean yes they did beat Barca but that was something else. Now they are a bit weak. And they are likely to struggle against big clubs. But who knows. Anything can happen in football.


To Conclude this Real Madrid Vs Roma Prediction I will say that Real Madrid will have a comfortable 3-1 win and they will be very happy with the result. For the live streaming of the match visit our website as soon as you can.

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