UEFA Champions League Live Streaming

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Chelsea Vs PAOK:


Barcelona vs PSV

Match Over-Barca won 2-1

PSG vs Liverpool

Match Over-PSG won 2-1

Napoli vs Red Star

Match Over-Napoli won 3-1

Tottenham vs Inter Milan

Match Over-Tottenham won 3-1

Porto vs Schalke

Match Over-Porto won 3-1

Dortmund vs Club Brugge

Match Over-Draw

Its UEFA time and we bring to you UEFA Champions League Live Streaming. Watch UEFA Champions League Live Streaming for free Online.

UEFA Champions League Live Streaming

UEFA Champions League Live Streaming would be available Here….

UEFA Champions League Overview

UEFA Champions League Schedule

Matchday one

Tuesday 18 September
Group A: Club Brugge 0-1 Dortmund, Monaco 1-2 Atlético
Group B: Barcelona 4-0 PSV Eindhoven, Inter 2-1 Tottenham
Group C: Liverpool 3-2 Paris, Crvena zvezda 0-0 Napoli
Group D: Galatasaray 3-0 Lokomotiv Moskva, Schalke 1-1 Porto
Wednesday 19 September
Group E: Ajax 3-0 AEK Athens, Benfica 0-2 Bayern München
Group F: Shakhtar 2-2 Hoffenheim, Manchester City 1-2 Lyon
Group G: Real Madrid 3-0 Roma, Viktoria Plzeň 2-2 CSKA Moskva
Group H: Young Boys 0-3 Manchester United, Valencia 0-2 Juventus

Matchday two

Tuesday 2 October

Group E: Bayern München 1-1 Ajax, AEK Athens 2-3 Benfica
Group F: Hoffenheim 1-2 Manchester City, Lyon 2-2 Shakhtar
Group G: CSKA Moskva 1-0 Real Madrid, Roma 5-0 Viktoria Plzeň
Group H: Juventus 3-0 Young Boys Manchester United 0-0 Valencia
Wednesday 3 October
Group A: Atlético 2-1 Club Brugge, Dortmund 3-0 Monaco
Group B: Tottenham 2-4 Barcelona, PSV Eindhoven 1-2 Inter
Group C: Paris 6-1 Crvena zvezda, Napoli 1-0 Liverpool
Group D: Lokomotiv Moskva 0-1 Schalke, Porto 1-0 Galatasaray

Matchday three

Tuesday 23 October
Group E: AEK Athens 0-2 Bayern München, Ajax 1-0 Benfica
Group F: Hoffenheim 3-3 Lyon, Shakhtar 0-3 Manchester City
Group G: Roma 3-0 CSKA Moskva, Real Madrid 2-1 Viktoria Plzeň
Group H: Young Boys 1-1 Valencia, Manchester United 0-1 Juventus
Wednesday 24 October
Group A: Club Brugge 1-1 Monaco, Dortmund 4-0 Atlético
Group B: PSV Eindhoven 2-2 Tottenham, Barcelona 2-0 Inter
Group C: Paris 2-2 Napoli, Liverpool 4-0 Crvena zvezda
Group D: Lokomotiv Moskva 1-3 Porto, Galatasaray 0-0 Schalke

Matchday four

Tuesday 6 November
Group A: Monaco v Club Brugge (18:55CET), Atlético v Dortmund
Group B: Tottenham v PSV Eindhoven, Inter v Barcelona
Group C: Crvena zvezda v Liverpool (18:55CET), Napoli v Paris
Group D: Porto v Lokomotiv Moskva, Schalke v Galatasaray
Wednesday 7 November
Group E: Bayern München v AEK Athens, Benfica v Ajax
Group F: Lyon v Hoffenheim, Manchester City v Shakhtar
Group G: CSKA Moskva v Roma (18:55CET), Viktoria Plzeň v Real Madrid
Group H: Valencia v Young Boys (18:55CET), Juventus v Manchester United

Matchday five

Tuesday 27 November
Group E: AEK Athens v Ajax (18:55CET), Bayern München v Benfica
Group F: Hoffenheim v Shakhtar, Lyon v Manchester City
Group G: CSKA Moskva v Viktoria Plzeň (18:55CET) , Roma v Real Madrid
Group H: Manchester United v Young Boys, Juventus v Valencia
Wednesday 28 November
Group A: Atlético v Monaco (18:55CET), Dortmund v Club Brugge
Group B: PSV Eindhoven v Barcelona, Tottenham v Inter
Group C: Paris v Liverpool, Napoli v Crvena zvezda
Group D: Lokomotiv Moskva v Galatasaray (18:55CET), Porto v Schalke

Matchday six

Tuesday 11 December
Group A: Club Brugge v Atlético, Monaco v Dortmund
Group B: Barcelona v Tottenham, Inter v PSV Eindhoven
Group C: Liverpool v Napoli, Crvena zvezda v Paris
Group D: Galatasaray v Porto (18:55CET), Schalke v Lokomotiv Moskva
Wednesday 12 December
Group E: Ajax v Bayern München, Benfica v AEK Athens
Group F: Shakhtar v Lyon, Manchester City v Hoffenheim
Group G: Real Madrid v CSKA Moskva (18:55CET), Viktoria Plzeň v Roma (18:55CET)
Group H: Young Boys v Juventus, Valencia v Manchester United

Road to Madrid

17 December: round of 16 draw
12/13/19/20 February: round of 16 first leg
5/6/12/13 March: round of 16 second leg
15 March: quarter-final and semi-final draws
9/10 April: Quarter-finals, first leg
16/17 April: Quarter-finals, second leg
30 April/1 May: Semi-finals, first leg
7/8 May: Semi-finals, second leg
1 June: Final – Estadio Metropolitano, Madrid
Note the dates and ensure to tune in for UCL Live Streaming. The best thing? Well, we provide UEFA Streaming Online and Free. You don’t need to set up a software or do mantras to watch a match. We try to make it as user friendly as possible. Mind you, this ain’t uefa champions league live streaming youtube or uefa champions league live streaming hotstar so you do need a fast internet connection for seamless streaming.

UEFA Champions League: Some History

UEFA is Europe’s Premier Football Competition and perhaps the most prestigious Club competition too. 63 tournaments have been played and this one is scheduled o be the 64th. 21 Clubs have been lucky enough to lift the coveted trophy and some multi-billion dollar top clubs have failed. Spanish giants, Real Madrid are the most successful side with 13 titles,including a hattrick of titles. AC Milan are second with 7 titles,followed by Liverpool, Munich and Barcelona with 5 apiece. Juventus with just 2 titles under their belt have been the Runner Ups the most no of times: a staggering 7. The intensity of the competition can be judged by the fact that a side like Atletico has never won it. Juventus last won it in 1996, way before I was born. Well, who came up with the idea of inter-nation clubs playing each other? Well, someone did it in 1955 and 16 teams participated in the first edition. Lets talk of the recent history now. It has been all Real Madrid in the last three years. Its not that they haven’t faced challenges:indeed Juventus almost knocked them out the last year. Its just that Real Madrid have been able to step up to the task, whether be last minute headers or bicycle kicks. Some may argue that they have been lucky,which they have, but luck comes with exceptional performances.

UEFA Champion League: Qualification

So how do teams qualify for Champions League?

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