Valencia vs Espanyol Prediction and Betting Tips

As Valancia and Espanyol take on each other in La Liga matchday 2, we bring to you Valencia vs Espanyol Prediction and Betting Tips .

Valencia vs Espanyol Prediction and Betting Tips:

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Espanyol 21/10 2/1 19/10 N/A 17/10 41/20 2/1
Draw 11/5 23/10 9/4 N/A 23/10 23/10 9/4
Valencia 13/10 7/5 7/5 N/A 13/10 27/20 27/20

We get to see a competition between the number 4 and 11 of the last La Liga. The last season had a monumental difference between the teams in points. This time around, we do not see the teams with a lot of difference in points, mainly because the season just started. Espanyol did well to hold off Celta Vigo at 1-1 and they will be looking forward to their 1st win this season. However Espanyol may not be in luck as they get to face Valencia. Valencia was the team that finished 4th last season!

Espanyol has been giving out thrilling performances recently and they migh get something out of the match. On the other hand, Valancia looks out of form. Furthermore they are at a disadvantage, being out of their home grounds. Valencia has given out quite bad performances when being out of their home grounds. However based on how the strong team is placed at the disadvantage, I believe both teams might be able to share the spoils.

Valancia’s Form:

Valencia has been worsened. Their team is perhaps the most underrated team of La Liga. They managed to finish 4th and yet are considered a weak team by many. However I would not go underestimating the team just yet. They managed to draw a match against Atletico Madrid. Valancia is a top tier team and yet many people don’t realize it. Their defence is just as consistent as Atletico Madrid. The have lost their key players which has weakened them a lot. Furthermore, Valencia has been having problems ending the match at 90 minutes.

The main problem with Valencia is its financial problems. It can not maintain its self trained players and has to sell its top players to maintain itself. Despite the problems, maintaining a top spot in La Liga is a great feat. Despite losing its top players like every year, Valencia manages to stay in the top spots. Mark my words, if they overcome their financial problems, Valencia will become a formidable team of La Liga.

Out of the last 5 matches played by Valencia, they won 2, lost 1 and drew 2.

Espanyol’s Form:

Espanyol has been in form recently. They have managed to draw the 1st match against Celta Vigo. Espanyol has some players in its squad which are quite efficient. Leo Baptistao will be a player to keep an eye upon. Furthermore, Espanyol’s defence should also be having Rodrigo who scored 16 goals last season. We will have a close encounter as Espanyol is quite in form. Another player to keep an eye is Victor Sanchez. Victor is a mid-fielder also capable of playing defence. He has played for the La Liga champions Barcelona as well. Now he is in Espanyol. We will see him in action in the upcoming match.

Espanyol seems oddly in form. Their team form is extremely well. Out of the last 5 matches they played, they won 3 and drew 2 matches! An excellent record for a team like Espanyol. Espanyol is a threat at the moment. So much that many believe that they might end up playing a draw against Valencia.

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Valencia vs Espanyol Prediction will be in favour of Valencia. Not many will agree but it will be the result. I know that the competition is tough. Even the win probability is going tough. Chances of Valencia winning is only 41%. However chances of Espanyol winning is 31%. Chances of draw are 28%. However chances of draw will be way higher than it seems. Out of the last 6 matches, Valencia won 5. Espanyol won the first match in these and lost 5 matches regularly. It has been speculated by many experts that the final conclusion of the match will be a draw. However that would be under-estimating Espanyol. Despite how out of form Valencia may seem, they managed to draw a match against Atletico. I believe that Valencia vs Espanyol Prediction will be in favour of Valencia to win by 3-2.

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