Wolfsburg vs Schalke Prediction and Betting Tips

As Wolfsburg and Schalke 04 takes on each other in Bundesliga Matchday 1, we bring to you Wolfsburg vs Schalke Prediction and Betting Tips.

Wolfsburg vs Schalke Prediction and Betting Tips:

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New Customer Offer BetCredits $ 50 $ 200 $ 100 $ 100 $ 50 $ 20
Wolfsburg 21/10 41/20 2/1 N/A 21/10 43/20 21/10
Draw 23/10 9/4 9/4 N/A 23/10 43/20 21/10
Schalke 04 11/8 7/5 27/20 N/A 13/10 27/20 27/20

Wolfsburg and Schalke square off against each VOLKSWAGEN ARENA in a tough match. The wolves aim is to build on a victory over Schalke however Schalke won’t be serving them their victory in a plate. They will have to go hard to win against Schalke.

Wolfsburg failed to impress us in the last season. Perhaps because they had Super Mario leave their team and they couldn’t fill in the gap left in their team. Wolfsberg were left in the last 3 teams. However they managed to maintain their sport in Bundesliga. Wolfsberg won 6 matches out of 34. They drew 15 matches and lost 13. Not their best performance. Nonetheless, they can perform better. On the other hand, Schalke is a beast. They finished 2nd in Bundesliga last year. They won 18 out of their 34 games. Furthermore, they drew 9 and lost 7 matches. This is a great record. However based on Bayern being on the top, it was hard for Schalke to get to 1st spot. Their 2nd spot isn’t that bad.

Nonetheless, Wolfsburg will be looking forward to repent the performance of last season.

Wolfsburg’s Form:

Wolfsburg will be making amends for the performance last year. They will be exceptionally fierce. They can’t afford to be the same again. Wolfsburg has amazing players in their squads. We have Josip Brekalo who has been successful and impressive in Bundesliga playoffs last season. Furthermore, Blaszczykowski, also known as Kuba will be a threat as well. Lets just stick with Kuba for obvious reasons. Kuba has been involved in high level football. His team had won 2 Bundesliga and reached the Champions League final too. He will be formidable this season as well. Wolfsburg seems in form too. Judging on their last 5 matches, they won 4 and lost only 1. Their defeat was against Lyon, the 3rd best team in Ligue 1. Even so, Wolfsburg managed to put up a fight and lost only by 2-1.

Schalke may be a stronger team but they will suffer being the hosts. Wolfsburg are hard to handle at home and this will be extremely hard to win against Wolfsburg under such conditions.

Schalke’s Form:

Schalke is second only to Bayern in Bundesliga. Schalke has won 7 domestic titles. They even won 5 German Cup Trophies and lifter the UEFA Super Cup once too. Schalke was 2nd in the last Season as well. We all know how strong Wolfsburg is in its home ground. Schalke needs to figure out what to do with that. Nonetheless, Schalke has been in top form. They won 3 out of their last 5 matches. Schalke lost 1 match and drew the other. They also managed to draw against a team such as Southampton. Schalke may not be at their best, but they are still formidable enough to be a threat to Wolfsburg even at home!

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Wolfsburg vs Schalke Prediction will go in favour of Schalke. Schalke have a better team and defeated Wolfsburg almost every time they faced each other. Out of the last 5 matches these teams have played against each other, Schalke won 4 and won of them was a draw. Wolfsburg hasn’t been able to defeat Schalke since 2016! Furthermore we can also look at the win probability. It favours Schalke by 41%. Furthermore, Wolfsburg sin probability is also high at 29%. Chances of draw are 30%. The stats shows that this will be a tough competition. A draw is the most popular prediction of this match.

Nonetheless, my Wolfsburg vs Schalke Prediction will be in favour of Schalke to win by 2-1.

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